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Modular granny cabin

The definition of a “granny cabin” has definitely changed over the years. Granny cabins aren’t just for grannies anymore!

Secondary dwellings are ideal for accommodating relatives or friends during extended stays.

They are also perfect for young people to live in whilst they save up for their first home as well as property owners looking for an extra rental opportunity.

A modular granny cabin offers a wide range of benefits over a cabin which is constructed on-site.

These benefits include the option to re-locate the cabin in the future, a much faster build time and a highly efficient use of space.

The expert team at Asset Cabins and Homes have been constructing and installing modular granny cabins since 1993. From Far North Queensland down to the NSW border and into the Northern Territory.

If you’re looking for a modular construction company to help build your very own granny cabin, here’s why you should choose Asset Cabins and Homes.

Modular construction? Or on-site build?

Spacious designs

Our modular granny cabins are designed to feel spacious and comfortable.

By design, a modular cabin maximises the most efficient use of space whilst still offering large room sizes.

All of our cabins feature cathedral ceilings in the living and kitchen areas, so those looking to move into a granny cabin can still enjoy the spacious, airy feel of their current home.

modular granny cabin bedroom

Commitment to compliance and quality

When it comes to building anything, it has to be done right from the ground up.

Australia, and Queensland in particular, has very high standards and regulations for construction. This includes modular construction too.

All of our modular granny cabins are built to last according to the Building Code of Australia. Our designs incorporate all relevant standards such as non-slip decking, roof tie-downs and disability access.

Because our cabins are designed by engineers, standard features also include cyclone ratings for structural integrity and materials which will weather our harsh climate zones.

We also use our own on-site installers, so our commitment to quality is carried across from our factory to the installation site. This also includes a personalised handover to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Our service continues after installation, with

  • 12 month’s free maintenance, and an
  • 8-year structural warranty.

All residential construction work is covered by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission insurance scheme for the full value of your granny cabin.

Comprehensive understanding of approvals and standards

Different local councils have different regulations in regards to boundary setbacks, square meters of living space and connecting walkways for granny cabins.

Some councils will refer to a granny cabin as a secondary dwelling, dwelling extension or even a dual occupancy.

Depending on your local council, you may need to secure a Development Approval in addition to a Building Approval as well as pay additional infrastructure contributions.

Because we’ve been around for so long, we know the ins and outs of quickly acquiring approvals for your granny cabin and ensuring everything runs smoothly.

We can assist you in navigating the approvals process and securing all the necessary paperwork.

In some cases, your existing effluent disposal system will be sufficient for your new cabin. However, if your site isn’t sewered appropriately, we can also assist with design work for a new system.

 Disability access

A granny cabin with disability access offers the opportunity for families with elderly relatives to stay together. These relatives can stay independent for longer whilst knowing their family is still close by to help care for them.

Modular granny cabin designs can be easily varied to incorporate disability access features such as wider doorways and ramps.

Ramps can either be constructed as pedestrian ramps (1:10) or ramps for wheelchairs (1:14).

Our bathrooms can also be designed appropriately for people with limited mobility, taking into consideration the potential need for visiting aged care service workers.

modular granny cabin ramp

Flexible design services

We offer a wide range of floor plans which can be modified to suit your preferences, allowing you to have your granny cabin exactly the way you want it.

All of our cabins incorporate smart design features as standard which allow for easy cleaning and fuss free maintenance. These features include moisture resistant kitchen cabinets, melamine shelves and low maintenance decking.

We also provide a wide range of additional features such as painted feature walls and carports.

While its our standard to use timber frames, we can also cater for those who prefer steel.

Our designs can even be made to accommodate a particular piece of furniture or family heirloom which is highly valuable to you.

Our flexibility extends to your choice of finishes. From door handles to tap fittings we can work with you to accommodate your preferences.

We can also assist in matching the colour scheme and design features, such as veranda brackets and finials, to your existing home.

Additionally, if you already have some of your own finishings on hand, such as curtain rods and light fittings, please let us know as we can more than likely incorporate them in your design.

Assistance with finance

Our team can provide assistance in negotiating a finance plan with your bank, making the process as easy as possible.

If you’re downsizing to live in a granny cabin, we can also discuss options with you to minimise the effect of the sale of your current home on your pension, superannuation or investments.

Sustainability and energy efficiency

Our approach to modular construction is highly eco-friendly. Waste materials are minimised through our efficient manufacturing process and the installation site is kept clean of building materials.

All of our modular granny flats have at least a 6-star energy efficiency rating, which can be raised if required.

Insulation in the external walls, roof and ceiling comes standard as does LED lighting. These features help to lower your electricity bills.

Ideal for sloping sites and sites with shifting soils 

If you’ve got a sloping site, a modular granny cabin is the perfect alternative to on-site constriction.

Modular construction requires no scaffolding and minimal “cut and fill” earthworks, which significantly lower building costs for sloping sites.

In addition, a modular cabin with an adjustable steel stump footing system is more suited to sites where the soil reactivity is high compared to a concrete slab system which does not allow for soil movement.

Built to withstand the elements

Depending on the location of your build, your modular granny cabin may require a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) or Noise Report. We can assist with these and are able to incorporate building materials and features which will ensure compliance for your safety and peace of mind.

We also have extensive experience designing cabins for coastal environments. Corrosion protection is important for buildings near the ocean, so we can work with you to choose materials which will stand the test of time.

Additionally, our designs incorporate a robust termite protection system. All building elements are termite resistant, including the:

  • Frame
  • Flooring
  • Architraves and skirtings
  • Door frames
  • Window frames
  • Cladding

Plus, our modular granny cabins have the added advantage of a visual termite barrier with the stumping system

Family business

Last but certainly not least, Asset Cabins and Homes is proud to be a family owned business.

All of our modular granny cabins are built in our Gympie factory, allowing us to provide local employment opportunities.

We pride our reputation on providing great service and great quality

Interested in building your very own modular granny cabin?

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You can also browse our design gallery to check out our designs.

Modular construction? Or on-site build?

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