Modular Cabins and Villas for Tourist Parks

Enhance the experience of your guests with modern and affordable accommodation.  

Modular Cabins and Villas for Tourist and Caravan Parks

Providing guests with a memorable and comfortable stay is the main goal of any reputable tourist or caravan park operator.

For established parks, upgrading or replacing existing accommodation is often key to ensuring ongoing business in an increasingly competitive market.

The expert team at Asset Cabins and Homes have been constructing and installing modular cabins and villas for tourist parks all across Queensland since 1993.

We’re here to work alongside operators to provide guests with accommodation that they will love to stay in, time and time again.

If you’re looking for a modular construction company to help enhance your guest accommodation, here’s why you should choose Asset Cabins and Homes.

Modular construction? Or on-site build?

Willingness to work alongside you

We understand that you have a park to run. You don’t want your new accommodation project to consume more time than it needs to.

This is why we work to ensure the planning, construction and installation process is hassle-free for you. We are happy to conduct a pre-construction meeting with your relevant tradespeople to clarify who will be responsible for what and when. If required, we can help co-ordinate necessary installation requirements such as power and plumbing.

We can also work with you to navigate timeframes which will minimise disruptions in your park whilst also maximising your busy season. Our approach not only saves you time but money as well.

Guaranteed date to start enjoying your ROI

Our project process means that we can fully commit to an installation timeframe for you. This allows you to confidently plan ahead for your busy season without worrying about delays and unfinished accommodation.

In fact, some of our tourist park customers actually start booking out their new modular cabins and villas before construction is even completed!

Investing in cabin accommodation also presents you with the opportunity to make money all year around. Caravanning and camping customers are highly seasonal, so diversifying your accommodation with cabins is a highly effective way of guaranteeing income during quieter periods of the year by capturing an alternative market.

Modular Cabins and Villas duplex cabin in a tourist park

Accommodation your guests will love

In today’s world of online forums and social media, positive guest reviews are vital to the success of any tourist park.

A guest is much more likely to enjoy their stay if their accommodation features modern designs and fit-outs.

If you have a quality site, we can provide you with quality modular cabins and villas.

Our designs will encourage your guests to leave you glowing reviews, which in turn will encourage consistently high occupancy rates.

To put it simply, your guests will love our cabins! Our testimonials page speaks for itself, click here to read more.

Modular Cabins and Villas Modern Kitchen Design

Comprehensive understanding of approvals and standards

We embrace the process of securing all the necessary approvals and working to relevant standards for every modular project we complete. Doing so aligns with our commitment to high quality.

Because we’ve been around for so long, we know the ins and outs of quickly securing approvals and ensuring everything runs smoothly.

If you already have a Development Approval (DA) for building new accommodation in your park, your project with us can commence quite quickly. We can get construction started in our factory after meeting with a Certifier and completing preliminary checks to make sure any key issues have been understood.

Once a full Building Approval comes through, we can get cracking on the installation process for you.

We’re of course happy to work with you to secure any approvals or requirements your Local Council may have.

Commitment to compliance and quality

When it comes to building anything, it has to be done right from the ground up.

Australia, and Queensland in particular, has very high standards and regulations for construction. This includes modular construction too.

As a park operator, you don’t want to be caught out and have to pay for costly re-work to bring something up to scratch.

All of our modular cabins and villas are built to last according to the Building Code of Australia. Our designs incorporate all relevant standards such as non-slip decking, roof tie-downs and disability access.

Because our cabins are designed by engineers, standard features also include cyclone ratings for structural integrity and materials choice to weather our harsh climate zones.

We also use our own on-site installers, so our commitment to quality is carried right through to your park.

Our service continues after installation, with 12 month’s free maintenance and an 8-year structural warranty. All residential construction work is covered by Queensland Building and Construction Commission insurance.

Modular Cabins in Transport

Flexible design services

Our design team can provide flexible assistance with creating a new colour scheme for your new modular cabins or villas. Or we can also align with your existing colour scheme.

All of our designs can be modified to suit your preferences and the needs of your park. We provide a wide range of additional design features such as side or wrap around verandas, painted feature walls and curved roof ridge lines.

If you have some specific ideas in mind, we’re here ready with our design software to make it happen!

Our designs also include inbuilt flexibility for footing and stumping systems, allowing for easy accommodation of underground services such as sewerage pipes.

Modern and flexible modular cabin designs

Environmentally sustainable

Our approach to modular construction is highly eco-friendly. Waste materials are minimised through our efficient manufacturing process and the installation site is kept clean of building materials.

All of our modular cabins and villas have at least a 6-star energy efficiency rating, which can be raised if required. Our buildings are designed to minimise the use of cleaning products, further reducing their environmental impact and your operating costs.

Ready to upgrade your park?

To find out more about how Asset Cabins and Homes can help make your park a buzz of profitable tourism accommodation, contact our team today. Or browse our design gallery to check out our modular cabin and villas designs.

Modular construction? Or on-site build?

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